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About Us

Give back to those that help protect us.

BARKs is here to give back to retired K9 officers for their role of serving and protecting our communities.

 Our Mission:

  • Help K9 officers care for their retired and disabled K9s (veterinarian care and other necessities which are often a          significant burden for the officers and the handlers who adopt them).

Core Values:

  • K9 officers, regardless of designated training and assignment (i.e. explosive, evidence, narcotics, search and rescue, protection and pursuit) are dedicated members of the law enforcement community who serve our communities that deserve ongoing support and care.

  • K9 officers and adopted handlers need support and assistance to defray costs of veterinary care and other necessities, once departmental financial support ends upon retirement of the K9 officer.

Strategic Goals:

  • Educate the public of the dedicated service and unwavering loyalty of K9 officers and their handlers provide to the community and the need to support these members of the law enforcement community in retirement.

  • Provide support for the K9 officers and the handlers who adopt them in retirement.

  • Locate veterinarians and providers of other necessities who are willing to assist in achieving our mission in providing care and necessities to retired K9 officers.

  • Provide a professional and ethical screening process to determine the needs of individual K9 officers and their handlers.

Our very own Mel wearing the K9 bite suit
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